The French Aesthetics Collective's Cellu M6 Integral Has FDA Clearance for Treating Lymphedema. 
The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has given the Cellu M6 Integral full FDA clearance for treating Lymphedema.  Research studies have shown the following:
•   Reduction of secondary Lymphedema of the arm post mastectomy
•   Improvement of secondary Lymphedema
•   Improvement of lymphatic circulation in the treated areas

ENDERMOLOGIE has 5 significant outcomes: 

  1. Movement of Fluid - moves extra cellular fluids in a directional manner to eliminate bloating, water retention and fat deposits. 
  2. Reduction of Internal Scar Tissue - breaks down internal scarring that traps fluids which generate pockets of fat and in turn cellulite. 
  3. Increased Micro-Circulation - increases fluid exchange in the capillary network to assist in the movement of fluids back into the vascular and lymphatic system increasing oxygen and nutrient delivery and detoxification. 
  4. Stimulation of Fibroblasts - fibroblasts are the fundamental building elements of the connective tissue and when stimulated they produce collagen and elastin to reduce signs of ageing. 
  5. Lipolysis - withdraws fatty acids from the fat cells back into the circulation for metabolism.