Look Slimmer With Our Affordable, Painless & Non-Invasive Treatments

French Aesthetics Collective is providing woman with solutions to any problematic body issues that she has, we are different because our recipes and procedures are like no other and our results are second to none. We are not just an Endermologie clinic, we are driven to get results. Every thing fits in like a jigsaw puzzle to get a result.  From the FAQ’s on why cellulite is not moving to the sessions in the detox box.

We have investigated and tested the market to understand why stubborn areas won’t shift and offer solutions to these stubborn areas.  This is just not helping woman in everyday life it is also supporting any woman getting ready for an event.

French Aesthetics Collective body is ever evolving as we continue on the training into the advance areas of therapy to assist woman even further in the future. French Aesthetics Collective body is expanding to include (an optional extra at this time) the Body Shape device which is used in conjunction with Endermologie.  Together the results of these two technologies is fast, effective and safe.


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Our French-Trained Therapists Are Experts In The Reduction Of Cellulite. The Endermologie Award-Winning Alliance System, Reduces Your Cellulite, Firms Your Skin & Slims & Tones All At The Same Time. We Focus On Areas Of Your Lower Body Such As The Bottom, Legs, Saddlebags, Inner Thigh, Knee, & Calves. Treatment Time 40 Minutes.

Single Treatment Full Body $159

— Includes A Complimentary Infrared Detox Box. A 20% Reduction Applies To Packages With 12 Or More.



If Slimming, Toning , Licing & Moving Stubborn Fat Is What Your Need, The Upper Body Treatment Is Designed To Attack Those Stubborn Areas Such As The, Tummy, Waist, Back & Arms. Treatment Time 40 Minutes

Single Treatment Full Body $159

— Includes A Complimentary Infrared Detox Box. A 20% Reduction Applies to Packages With 12 Or More



Using The Very Latest In French Endermologie Technology, French Aesthetics Collective Experts Are Able To Correct, Remove, & Balance Any Areas Of Your Body Where Fat Or Loose Skin Has Taken Up A Stubborn Residence.

  • Tummy Lift,
  • Tummy Slim,
  • Mummy Tummy,
  • Butt Firming & Lift,
  • Waist Slimming,
  • Arm Firming,
  • Saddlebags,
  • Back Firming Slimming,
  • Thigh Slimming,
  • Sculpting & Cellulite,
  • Knee Slimming & Firming

Target Single Treatment $79

— Treatment Time 20 Minutes. A 20% Reduction Applies to Packages of 12 Or More.



Endermologie Therapy Sessions Are About Retraining Your Body To Release Fluid, Improve Circulation & Reduce Inflammation With No Pressure Or Damage On Your Cellular Structure — Fluid Mobilization, Relaxation, Pregnancy Massage. 

Single Treatment $139

—  Treatment Time 30 Minutes. Includes A Complimentary Detox Box. A 20% Reduction Applies to Packages With 12 Or More The French Painless Hair Removal Treatments


For Your Face

  • Lip $19*,
  • Chin $19*,
  • Full Face Including Peach Fuzz On Face & Chin $69* 
    (* Indicates Shaving Service Included)

For Your Body  

  • Underarms $39,
  • Tummy Line $29*,
  • Bikini $39,
  • G-String Bikini $49,
  • Brazilian $69,
  • Feet $19,
  • Neck $79,
  • Back Target $79*
  • Half Leg $99,
  • Full Leg Includes Bikini $199.
    (* Indicates Shaving Service Included)

— Packages Of 6 Available (Buy 5 Get One Free).

Ask about our EZI Debit Payment Plans so your path to beauty won't have to wait.