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Australia & NZ’s most passionate endermologie clinical training & development experts.

After owning & running a successful endermologie clinic on the Sunshine Coast they now want to share all their secrets on how their clinic was so successful. Imagine having a two week waiting list for treatments because you are the best in your field.    
Their first secret was their clinic was a results based clinic, making your clinic results based pushes you to understand endermologie, the womansbody, food, exercise, nutrition, disease, emotions & most of all the pressure of being woman.  You see, when a client gets results they tell others, they want to share to their close network of family & friends and if they don’t get results the also want to tell others, however they want to share their disappointment to the world.
Being a results based clinic is your key to endermologie success and we can help you obtain the results so you can become industry leaders too.

You don’t need to go through the teething problems we did, that can be costly, time consuming and brand damaging, it can also have an affect on your confidence and have you doubt your award winning powerful endermologie machine. We have

Problem: I just don’t feel like I am getting the most out of my endermologie machine, I know it can do more, but I don’t feel skilled enough, my results are not consistent.

Solution: Let us impart and share all our endermologie wisdom with you - we have been trained in Australia and in France and worked on both the integral & alliance in clinic full time, and are the LPG endermologie trainers for Aust & NZ. The biggest illusion is that the treatments can be the same in France as it is in Australia. We have said all along the womens body in Australia & New Zealand responds very differently to womens body in France and so your treatments, knowledge and education need to specialise to accomodate the Australian & NZ woman.

Problem: Have you ever felt confronted because you haven’t been able to answer your clients questions? Or frustrated when you have to agree with a client because you cannot see results and you don’t know why?

Solution: You are only a phone call, email, sms away, imagine you can now say to a client “I am going to get in touch with the clinical endermologie trainers to get answers to this for you”

Problem: Your business has slowed down and you have run out of ideas to market new business.

Solution: Let us be your sounding board, run ideas and let us share our marketing plans We have a marketing plan for every season, for unexpected slow times, and specific targets markets.

Problem: You need a new member in your team and they require training, and as much passion as you do for endermologie.

Solution: We are able to support your business with different levels of training that is stream lined and bring to your clinic a passion for endermologie that will keep everyone including yourself motivated for months.

Problem: You just simply feel your endermologie machine is not making your enough money and it has become frustrating because it is just sitting there when you know it could be working around the clock

Solution: Lets talk strategies, there is absolutely no reason why your endermologie machine shouldn’t be running 80% of the time. If it is not, brain storming is required - your machine is a big investment and shouldn’t be sitting the standing idle. Let us help you!

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Monthly Memberships

Basic - $99 per month

Full - $149 per month

Clinical Training & Development

Our Prices start from $599 and go $2999

This is what we are really passionate about - we get to come into your clinic or salon and give you all our knowledge on Aust & NZ womens bodies, we have supercharged our treatments so they have the most impact. We want you to be to be confident enough by the time we leave to be saying to your clients - Yes we can remove your cellulite in 3 weeks! How exciting would it be to have someone be by your side every step of the way whilst you perfect your craft!

In Clinic training - this is in addition to your certified endermologie training.

You receive full membership for the price of the Basic $99 per month.

For more details on how we can help you, drop us a line and we will be super excited to help put your mind at ease on all things endermologie

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