Recently The French Aesthetics Collective, (formerly trading under a different Business name) was featured in a "success story" by our partner company France Medical. You can read our story on the France Medical website here


Former work colleagues, Angela Espie and Jo McDonald have learned about Endermologie and how it can transform both your body and your health, from the best in the industry. In fact, after making the decision to open an Endermologie clinic on the Sunshine Coast, they travelled to Valence in the South of France for intensive training by some of the Doctors and scientists who have been involved in the development and testing of the technology.

“It is incredibly exciting for us to be able to bring this training and knowledge back to Australia to apply with our clients,” Angela said. “Before we left for France, we knew that this technology was revolutionary, and could really impact on women who desperately want to feel good about their bodies. But when we got there and really got to understand the full applications of the equipment and protocols, it blew our minds. We have got an enormous opportunity now to help women transform both their bodies and their health through this technology.”

“Like so many women, we have both been through our fair share of body issues, major life events (like pregnancy and childbirth), and serious health issues as well,” Jo said. “And the LPG equipment represents a powerful alternative to traditional surgical cosmetic treatments. It is gentle, non-invasive, safe and unbelievably effective. Every treatment we use on our clients is blowing them (and us) away with the speed of results. We are seeing women who have spent a lifetime hating their bodies, transformed in just a handful of sessions. It is incredibly gratifying and rewarding beyond our wildest expectations.”

To date, Jo and Ange are two of only four therapists in Australia who have been trained in the Endermologie and Bloomea protocols in Valence by LPG.


Jo's Story

A lifetime immersed in health and natural medicine has been the foundation of Jo McDonald’s calling to helping women to not only look their best, but experience optimum health and emotional wellbeing as well.

“My story is a long and complicated one, but to cut it short, I became absolutely obsessed with health, nutrition and natural methods of healing after being mis-diagnosed with cancer in my mid twenties,” Jo said. “Over the course of my life, and in my quest to improve my own health, I have studied modalities ranging from Anatomy and Physiology to Biofeedback, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Chinese medicine, Liquid Crystals and the Seraphim Blueprint.

"As with so many other aspects of my life, the opportunity to learn about Endermologie and be trained in France by the Doctors who have been instrumental in developing the technology was something that presented itself at just the right time. I have met so many women who are not only unwell, but also unhappy with their bodies, and this technology and treatment represents a way to reclaim health and nurture time and life ravaged bodies.

"So many cosmetic procedures are risky, painful, invasive and expensive. Endermologie is the opposite. I love that it produces stunning ‘cosmetic’ results that are much, much more than skin deep.

"This technology and many of the treatment protocols have been developed to help minimise scar tissue, the pain and discomfort of Lymphedema, Oedema, Fibrosis and Fibromyalgia. We can safely reduce cellulite, and improve circulation and lymph drainage. The potential to help women to manage symptoms or recover from serious illness, surgery, pregnancy and child birth is mind blowing.”

That's us ... Angela Espie,  centre  and Jo McDonald,  right  with France Medical Ambassador Miss Universe Australia 2014 Tegan Martin.

That's us ... Angela Espie, centre and Jo McDonald, right with France Medical Ambassador Miss Universe Australia 2014 Tegan Martin.

Watch the Video to see how Today Tonight reported on Endermologie

Ange's Story

As a former maternity nurse, Angela Espie has always had an interest in women’s health and care. “It is such a privilege to look after women while they are going through pregnancy and the birth of their children”, Angela said. “Some women breeze through and experience few difficulties during and after, but for others, this is definitely not the case. It should be a time when women feel well and powerful and beautiful, but they just don’t.

One of the things that really appealed to me about endermologie is that it helps women to not only look better, but feel better too. The LPG technology has been developed and tested and the studies conclusively show that it is an incredibly safe and effective way to treat issues in pregnant women and new mothers such as oedema and swelling, scarring and fibrosis of c-section scars, and stretch marks.

We have had pregnant clients in the clinic who had such terrible oedema that they were in constant pain, and could hardly walk. It is very gratifying to safely help them feel more comfortable.

As well, Angela has looked after many women suffering from the ravages of cancer during her life. “On a deeply personal level, I am passionate about helping women who have been left devastated by cancer because I watched my beautiful mother as well as others in my family, fight the terrible fight. The scarring and pain that tends to follow mastectomy surgery and breast cancer treatment is almost impossible to describe. And previously, I had no idea that there was a non-invasive way to minimize the damage.

When I found out about the LPG technology for dealing with scar tissue and the pain that can come with it, I was blown away. Before our training, we knew that the technology was just phenomenal, but until we got to France and were shown what the equipment could do, I had no idea that it had the potential to help so many women feel beautiful and good about their bodies. On so many levels too.

Opening The French Aesthetics Collective has been incredibly exciting for me, because I can see that there are so many ways I can help women to look and feel beautiful, and regain their body confidence. 

The best thing about the technology (apart from the outstanding results), is that it has been developed and tested over 30 years for safety and efficacy. It is actually mainstream in France and throughout Europe, but we have been slow to catch on in Australia. We intend to change that, and offer women of all ages safe, gentle and effective beauty treatments that work quickly to bring about the results you want.”